Jul 30

Bears do not Bear Jesus (updated)

I’m all for cute, cuddly, warm and fuzzy – but the bear does not bear Jesus. The Word and the Sacraments bear Jesus – for you – for the forgiveness of your sins. And that’s a message more comforting and worth more than all the stuffed bears, live kittens, or warm nuzzles from all the K9’s in the world. So when you bring the bear to show your own love and concern for your friend or acquaintance bring your pastor along also and let him share the love of God in Christ Jesus for that person and assure them of God’s mercy and grace. Continue reading

May 23

Notes from Abrose on the Doctrine of the Trinity

For “Son of God” is against Ebion, “Son of David,” is against the Manichees; “Son of God” is against Photinus, “Son of David” is against Marcion; “Son of God” is against Paul of Samosata, “Son of David” is against Valentinus; “Son of God” is against Arius and Sabellius, the inheritors of heathen errors. “Lord of David” is against the Jews, who beholding the Son of God in the flesh, in impious madness believed Him to be only man. Continue reading