Oct 13

Gospel of Jesus’ Wife – A likely forgery?

There is mounting evidence that the papyrus fragment that supposedly speaks about “Jesus’ wife” is a forgery. But it’s too late, the world has moved on. This seems to be further evidence that the era of “instant communication” isn’t necessarily good for the transmission of true knowledge, but is merely an opiate for the masses who are ever more demanding to be able to mainline the “new” and the “now.” Continue reading

Jul 06

Lay Ministers and Article XIV

According to AC XXVIII and Tr. 67-70, no matter what we choose to call them, “Licensed Lay Deacons” are pastors of congregations. There is NO violation of AC XIV in the Licensed Lay Deacon program. The only legitimate question remaining is whether or not it was wise to institutionalize this route to becoming a pastor in the LCMS. Continue reading