The Tools of the Church and the Tools of the Corporation

Pastor Matt Richard has posted a great article entitled, “Mercedes-Benzes, Premium Wine, And The Tools Of The Pastoral Ministry,” that speaks about the difference between the tool-set of a pastor and the toolset of a CEO. I’ve recently found myself thinking similarly – not as it applies to the pastor, so much as it applies to the congregation as a whole.

Two questions I think every member of our congregations and especially every member of a church council, board of elders, evangelism committee, and stewardship committee should be able to answer consistently and clearly giving witness to the Biblical teaching without hesitation:

1) What makes a Christian Congregation different from other community organizations? What does (or should) happen there that doesn’t in other community organizations? (i.e., what is the sum and substance – the God given reason d’etre for the local Christian congregation).

2) What tools does God give to the Church (and, by extension, the local Christian congregation) to carry out the work He has for it to accomplish?

(And since we take our teaching from the Word alone, prove your answers from the Scriptures – use of the summaries of the Scriptures as they are presented in the Book of Concord is also acceptable).

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