FOUND ONLINE: Christians and Karma

It’s Ash Wednesday – a day of repentance and faith. Repentance as an acknowledgement that what God declares is true, we are sinners and we have sinned against Him in thought, word and deed – by what we have done and what we have left undone. And faith in a God who forgives sinners and cleanses us from unrighteousness making us holy and blameless in His sight for the sake of His Son who took upon Himself our sin and was punished in our place.

This stands directly contrary to our common experience in life. In life, we tend to think, “what goes around, comes around.” Thank God that He does not operate in this way. Here’s a great post by Pastor Kent Peck where he takes on the satanic doctrine of KARMA which even finds its way even into the thinking of Christians.

“If karma ruled the day, God would have destroyed mankind long ago. He is all good and all we give Him is bad. By the rules of karma we should be toast.” – from his post on Karma

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