A description and motivation for “Missions” I can endorse

In the latest, “Lutherans Engage”, Rev. Randall Golter who is the Executive Director of the LCMS Office of International Mission lays out brief, succinct, but wonderful description of the “why” and “wherefore” of the Church’s Mission.

Read the whole article! But a couple of pertinent excerpts are below:

Mission for Missouri is not done because she is commanded to do so, to follow the Great Commission. “Look at the Great Commission. You’re not doing it. Jesus has forgiven you. Now you need to get out there and do it!” Christ’s goal for the Church is not greater obedience to His commandments but faith in Him, an explicit trust in the One who gives Himself freely.

God is the great giver. The church is the channel through which He publicly bestows His blessings to the world. But not to the exclusion of the royal priesthood of all believers who are God’s servants in the world to bestow His blessing and mercy through their vocation while always pointing back to Him as the source.

“We have no other reason for living on earth than to be of help to others. If this were not the case, it would be best for God to kill us and let us die as soon as we are baptized and have begun to believe. But He permits us to live here in order that we may bring others to faith, just as He brought us.”

Thank you, Rev. Golter, for your hard work and for describing our Missionary task with the proper emphasis!

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