FOUND ONLINE: Parish Finances

“The life of God in the parish implies an end of commercialism in the financial affairs of the parish. If we cook, it will be for the hungry; if we sew, it will be for the needy; if we collect clothes, it will be for the ill-clad; if we eat, it will be for the joy of being together as children of God and not to raise funds for Him who is the Creator and Owner of the world’s wealth.

The kingdom of God is not buying one another’s pies, but in being faithful stewards of the gifts with which God has bountifully endowed even the poorest. The problem of parish finance is not getting into people’s purses, but getting God into people’s hearts.”

— “Arthur Carl Piepkorn, “The Life of God in the Life of the Parish” Piepkorn’s writings on The Church, p. 117-18


–HT: Donovan Riley via Peggy Penderson

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