“A Few of my Favorite Things”

Another great article from Pastor Peters. Quoting:

The weird thing about it is that so many Lutherans have come to believe that liturgical worship is suspect with respect to Jesus admonition to worship in Spirit and in truth and the worship that reflects our desires and delights is somehow higher, more noble, more authentic, and more effective than that silly stuff by the book or by rote.  The individual has taken our thinking captive and stolen worship right from the arms of the Lord who comes with the means of grace that makes it all possible.  His Word is cast aside in favor of our own words.  His gifts become second to the voice of our praise, the offering of our spiritual gifts, and the sincerity of our feelings.  We are so in love with the idea that we love Jesus that His love for us has become secondary and almost inconsequential.  But of course.  Why wouldn’t Jesus love us — we are so lovable!  It is God who is hard to love and so our love for Him is the greater achievement.


LINK TO ARTICLE: http://pastoralmeanderings.blogspot.com/2012/10/these-are-few-of-my-favorite-things.html

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