Barrier Breakers: Chris Haw and David Frenette – Articles – Read The Spirit

Barrier Breakers: Chris Haw and David Frenette – Articles – Read The Spirit.

Interesting article about two authors who have each discovered a portion of what Lutheranism offers.

Chris Haw, in telling how he decided to leave the most prominent purveyor of the Mega-church concept, Willow Creek, has found solace in the unity of the faith and most specifically the passivity liturgy of the Catholic Mass (which is retained in its essential characteristics in the Lutheran Church).

David Frenette seems to find solace in the Lutheran teaching of the priesthood of all believers and is beginning to glimpse the Lutheran teaching about Vocation.  Namely, that by virtue of God’s work in calling us to Himself, no matter where we are or what we are doing, we are new creations in Christ, loved by God, and enjoy a right relationship with our heavenly Father.

The bible rejects the idea of Prayer as a means of grace (that is, a means by which God gives His Holy Spirit and creates faith), prayer is certainly an activity that shows forth the faith of the believer which has been given to him through the Word and Sacraments.  It can be, therefore, a great comfort.  And as it brings to mind the great works of God’s redemption, it feeds our life of faith and strengthens it through the Word which we cling to as we pray.

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