Found Online: “What do You Say About Jesus?”

Pastor Jason Zirbel has a great sermon based on Mark 7:31-38 and James 2.  Take a look and then ask yourself, “What do You Say about Jesus?”

. . . So now here’s the real question for all of us: What do you say about Jesus?  Understand: I’m not just talking about the words that come out of your mouth around certain people in certain settings at certain times.  I’m talking about what St. James speaks of in the Epistle lesson.  What do you say about Jesus with your words and deeds; with your whole life?  Do your actions—your words and deeds—match what you believe in your heart?  Does your practice display your doctrine, or does your practice instead contradict your doctrine?  Would anyone ever accuse you of being a Christian?   . . .


Read: “What do You Say about Jesus?”

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