FOUND ONLINE: New Study makes Evoloution Less Likely

The Journal NATURE recently published an article that knocks more holes in the idea that evolution is the mechanism by which all life on earth came to be.  The abstract indicates an “unexpected role” of a protein that protects important areas of the genetic sequence, “sequestering the recombination machinery away from gene-promoter regions and other functional genomic elements.”

Though I am no molecular biologist or geneticist, Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins has a Ph. D. in genetics and in an article entitled “Gene Control Regions are Protected — Negating Evolution”, he writes “The erroneous idea that complex genetic information in the form of genes and regulatory DNA can randomly evolve, has become more untenable with every new discovery in the field of genomics. Just this past week, a discovery published in the prestigious British journal Nature has once again spectacularly confirmed that evolution is nothing but a complete myth.”

I find it extremely interesting, though not surprising, that there is little if any coverage of this in the mainstream media.

The scientific method mandates that only that which is observable it allowed to be considered, “scientific.”  Evolution has never been observed.  Yet, God caused His observations about how the universe was created to be written by Moses who met with God face to face on Mt. Sinai.  Because it was observed and recorded, I maintain that biblical creation is the only scientifically valid explanation of the world as it exists.  All other explanations are “faith based” because they do not rely upon observation but rather rely upon a series of conclusions constructed to fit the observed evidence.  Biblical creation presents the raw observations of One who was there when it all began.  Unfortunately, being an unrepeatable event makes it impossible to be observed by others, so the observations of those in attendance are all we have to go on.

UPDATED 6/11/2012 8:50PM: link to Dr. Tomkins article fixed.

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