DEVOTION: Life and Death Struggle

In his daily devotion, Rev. Scott Murray of Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston Texas reminds us:

The battle is on. Because of our resurrection with Christ in holy baptism, the spirit and the flesh are locked in a life and death struggle. We feel the onslaught of death every day we walk by the Spirit. Only those who do not have the Spirit have what the world calls peace. They are like the zombies of horror movie fame. They are dead, but don’t know it. They are dead but act like they are alive. They think living by old Adam is normal; that succumbing to his blandishments is truly pleasurable. It is a sickness unto death. Their peace is oblivion. Our peace is so different.

What is this peace? How does the Spirit minister this peace to us?

Read the rest of Pastor Murray’s devotion to find out!

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