Sep 10

Prayer for a Community that Mourns

As students for of our local high school arrived this morning and prepared for classes, one of their fellow-classmates collapsed and was taken to the emergency room. A short time later, news of his death reached the campus. The following is some thoughts and prayers as our community and our students begin the process of grieving at the loss of their friend.
Sep 12

Lutheran Schools Supply Gifts to the Community and the World

By establishing and maintaining Lutheran Schools, our churches are bestowing innumerable blessings on their local communities and the world. Motivated by the love of God, our students go forth loving and serving their neighbor as they live this life continuing in what they have learned and have firmly believed, being acquainted with the sacred Scriptures which are able to instruct them for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus and equip them for every good work.
Sep 02

Happy Vocation Day!

As Christians, our "job" is one of the means that God uses to care for us and one of the means that God uses to care for society through us. As we consider "Labor Day" from a Christian vantage point, we should consider all the the roles that God, Himself, has placed us in and how He desires that we fulfil those "Holy Orders and Places in Life".
Aug 31

A corner turned. . .

What started as a desire to be self-sufficient in the face of adversity has turned into something else - a desire to use my background and skills to assist others who are facing adversities of their own. I'm still pursuing my business plan, but much of the plan and most of the purpose has changed.
Aug 08

The Just Shall Live by Faith (Rom 1:17)

If you would be a Christian and be righteous in the sight of God and and obtain eternal salvation, you must build your hope and assurance upon the truth that Man is not justified by God or saved through any work, action or conduct, but only through faith in what Jesus Christ has accomplished for you through his life, death and resurrection.
Jul 30

Bears do not Bear Jesus (updated)

I'm all for cute, cuddly, warm and fuzzy - but the bear does not bear Jesus. The Word and the Sacraments bear Jesus - for you - for the forgiveness of your sins. And that's a message more comforting and worth more than all the stuffed bears, live kittens, or warm nuzzles from all the K9's in the world. So when you bring the bear to show your own love and concern for your friend or acquaintance bring your pastor along also and let him share the love of God in Christ Jesus for that person and assure them of God's mercy and grace.